Werribee Obedience Dog Club (WODC) Inc.

To promote and educate dog owners regarding responsible dog ownership and basic obedience training.

Induction Days

Funday 21 May 2011 - Winners

2011_05_21/DSC00988.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00987.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00979.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00981.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00990.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00986.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00976.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00983.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00982.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00984.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00985.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00980.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00978.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00975.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00989.JPG 2011_05_21/DSC00977.JPG

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