Werribee Obedience Dog Club (WODC) Inc.

To promote and educate dog owners regarding responsible dog ownership and basic obedience training.

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Last Day of Training and Games Day 2016 - Around the Ground

2016_12_01/15235710_1190000077703191_6380496052922716405_o.jpg 2016_12_01/15250862_1190000254369840_6159520660054131701_o.jpg 2016_12_01/dscn2996.jpg 2016_12_01/dscn2997.jpg 2016_12_01/dscn2998.jpg 2016_12_01/dscn2999.jpg 2016_12_01/15167518_1190083597694839_2748131056153951287_o.jpg 2016_12_01/dscn3000.jpg 2016_12_01/dscn3001.jpg

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