Werribee Obedience Dog Club (WODC) Inc.

To promote and educate dog owners regarding responsible dog ownership and basic obedience training.

Induction Days

Last Day of Training and Games Day 2015 - Around the Ground

2015_11_30/2015-11-2811.39.38.jpg 2015_11_30/2015-11-2811.39.49.jpg 2015_11_30/2015-11-2811.39.59.jpg 2015_11_30/2015-11-2811.40.15.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2109.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2110.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2111.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2112.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2113.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2114.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2115.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2116.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2117.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2118.jpg 2015_11_30/dscn2119.jpg

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