Werribee Obedience Dog Club (WODC) Inc.

To promote and educate dog owners regarding responsible dog ownership and basic obedience training.

Induction Days

Club Rules


Any Member who misappropriates, damages or causes loss or breakage of the Club's property shall forthwith make good any loss or breakage as the Committee may direct.


(a) No Member's dog or dogs shall be off lead during official training hours unless being trained and supervised by an Instructor or participating in ring work.

The Official training hours for the club are as listed below

Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Tuesday 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm to 10:00pm

(Office hours are only: Saturday 1.30pm - 3.30pm)

(b) Any Member not complying with a request to place their dog back on lead, by a Committee Member or Instructor, shall be disciplined at the Committees discretion.


No alcohol shall be consumed during training on the training ground.  No smoking during training on the training ground.


Bitches in season are not permitted to attend the club during official training hours.


Dogs are not permitted in the Club Pavilion.


If a Member's dog fouls the training ground or ring, it is that Member's responsibility to clean up.  Doggy Disposal Bags are provided for this purpose.


Proper footwear must be worn whilst on the training ground. Minimum footwear requirement Strap on Sandals, it is suggested that sensible and appropriate clothing be worn whilst training.


Dogs left on stakes are the owner/handlers responsibility. Any dog creating a nuisance may be requested to be removed.


Club joining fees and membership fees are non refundable.


All Junior Members 12 years and under must have parental supervision upon joining the club until such time as a Qualified Instructor ascertains the junior members capability of handling their dog.


The Club Rooms are a NON-SMOKING area.


No dog is to be tethered to any part of the verandah or its furnishing.  No dogs will be tethered to rings, equipment or trees.


All Children either training or visiting the club are the responsibility of their Parent/s or Guardian/s at all time whilst at the club.  This means:

(a) An adult/guardian (over 18 years of age) must be present with the child at all times whilst at the Club.  Any visiting children are not to be left unattended at any time whilst at the club.

(b) No visiting child is allowed on the training ground at all whilst training is being conducted.  They will be required to stay within the confines of the clubrooms, verandah and carpark area only.

© Committee members and Instructors are not responsible for the supervision of any children at the Club.


Name Tags must be worn at Training at all times.


An instructor has the authority to remove a member from class in the event of abusive or offensive behaviour or a dog which they consider unfit to be trained.


All dogs must have their current vaccination card sighted when joining and when renewing.  Exception to this will be dogs 10 years and over.


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